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Who is Mr. Scanner?

    Did you buy a scanner you can't program and no one can help you?

  We can help and we can also program your scanner for your area at the lowest cost.

  Have you ever called for "Customer Service" and were connected to "Customer Hell"?

    Let us point you in the "right" direction to get the information you need to program your scanner, or let us program the radio for you.


Programming Options:

Option 1
We program your radio for you.  Click here to find out how it works

Option 2

You can do it yourself.  Click here for more information



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Look at a letter we received from a professional professional radio organization that addresses this problem

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Ship your scanner to us at:

Hobby Radio Stop
PO Box 291918
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937-299-7226 (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between
11AM and 4 PM Eastern Time)


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